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[movies]Brad walks and drives.
Brad walks and drives. He almost gets hit by a car, It went from sunny and springlike to snowy in just one day.
Keywords: car; snow; walk; vlog; Brad Kozlek
Downloads: 156
[movies]Great Aloha Run - Ryan Kawailani Ozawa
Some scenes from the 24th Annual Great Aloha RUn, held President's Day (Feb. 18, 2008) in Honolulu, Hawaii. As many as 20,000 participants of all ages run, walk, or roll 8.15 miles from downtown to Aloha Stadium to raise money for charity.
Keywords: hawaii, honolulu, marathon, run, walk, funrun, aloharun, greataloharun, vlog, videoblog, videopodcast, podcast, video
Downloads: 138
[movies]Best of SD '09 - Take Your Plant For a Walk
As '09 comes to a close, we're looking back on some of our favorite shows from this year. please comment here
Keywords: talk&interview; rewind; amanda congdon; plant; walk
Downloads: 3
[movies]Year Walk (iOS App Review & Gameplay) iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
In Year Walk you solve puzzles and wander thru woods. It is a changeling game but it is totally worth spending the time to play it. I recommend the use of headphones for the full experience. Year Walk: http://bit.ly/ZCfo46 (.99) Companion: http://bit.ly/WsxJOv (Free) Our website: http://www.dargadgetz.com Main Channel: http://www.youtube.com/dargdgtz App Reviewing Channel: http://www.youtube.com/appquest Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dargadgetz Google+: http://goo.gl/jy4Bf Instagram: dargadget...
Keywords: searchonly; year walk; ios; app; review; year; walk; iphone; ipod; touch; ipad; gameplay; appquest
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 680 - Balance is Not Always Better
Balance is one of those concepts that it is easy to be lulled into assuming is always preferable. But in reality, balance has a time and place, as does its opposite! For me, being able to know when balance is preferable or not, helps me manage my energy and my goals too. Today's show was inspired by a Twitter comment from Francis Shepard.Hawaiian Word: hoʰokaulike: to balance evenly
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; balance; excess; walk; beachwalks; hawaii; rox; roxannedarling
[movies]Beach Walk 757 - Waves Washing Over Us
This walk on the beach in Maui is a type of shadow play and a rare glimpse of seeing Secret Cameraman at work. Music By Kenneth Makuakane's new CD, The Dash. Visit us at www.beachwalks.tv. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Keywords: food&leisure; hawaii; beachwalks; roxanne; darling; maui; shadows; walk; kmakuakane
[movies]Beach Walk #539 - Brain Moves
Normal thinking would suggest that doing mental activities like sudoku or playing computer games would be good for the brain. But research actually shows that physical exercise has more positive impact on mental functioning, even reducing risks of dementia! It's one of those counter intuitive realities that I just love tripping across.Hawaiian Word: Lolo: brainPlease check out our Blogroll page with many more links.Add this to your Technorati Favorites Support us by buying your own copy of our B...
Keywords: food&leisure; walk; exercise; brain; health; aging; beach; beachwalks; roxannedarling
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk 605R - Aloha Friday
I am still traveling so please enjoy this Beach Walk classic episode! For many of us, Friday's are already a favored day of the week, but in Hawaii, we actually celebrate it week after week. It's a good reminder to take the pressure off things. Hawaiian word: Aloha: hello, goodbye, I love youJoin us at The Reef
Keywords: food&leisure; aloha; beach; beachwalks; friday; hawaii; kaimoku; roxannedarling; walk
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #549 - Do not let us burden the future
I've been fantasizing about all the things I want to change in 2008 - aka "the future." But in reality, the future is just some abstract concept. What I really want to do is bring the energy of those aspirations and intentions into the here and now. I love the potential that the "future" seems to hold. I want i now though, not later. It's not an easy task, but one I am willing to take on.Hawaiian Word: kēia mua aku: futurePlease join us over at The Reef.Add this to your Technorati Favorites Sup...
Keywords: food&leisure; future; walk; hawaii; beachwalks; roxanne darling
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 664 - Covered Wagons 2.0
Dealing with technology some days is just like people who explored the west centuries ago.
Keywords: food&leisure; frontier; beach; walk; beachwalks; technology; rox; hawaii
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 737 – Uber Shaman & His Pups
As I have said many times before, "you meet the coolest people on the beach in Hawaiʻi!" Today we met Chris SantaCroce, aka Uber Shaman. It was his birthday, and he was starting the day at the beach with his puppies. He is a renaissance man - doing a number of things with his talents, and in a beach walks kind of way, spreading cheer and consciousness and geekiness to those he meets! To him, I was "that lady who walks the beach?" Yes, whenever I can! Distributed by Tubemogul.
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; birthday; everyday; hawaii; santacroce; shaman; walk
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk #547 - Who are you
Knowing your likes and dislikes, your preferences, is one of the ingredients for being happy IMO. Today's show started with a thread on Twitter, where people were talking about people liking structure. True much of the time, but certainly not always! Thanks to Creative Sage who pointed that out. Even preferences for air temp vary - the tricky part is discovering one's own preferences as it is largely a trial and error exercise...
Keywords: food&leisure; preference; creativesage; twitter; beachwalks; hawaii; ocean; walk; roxannedarling
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 751 - Yoshiko Moving to Hawaii
We meet the loveliest people through Beach Walks. A while ago I met Yoshiko Hino, a viewer from Japan who connected with me on Twitter. Like myself, she has visited Hawaii many times and fell in love with the place! She is now making plans to move here. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Keywords: food&leisure; hawaii; beachwalks; job-seeker; moving; beach; walk; yoshikocat
Downloads: 7
[movies]Beach Walk 727R – Freedom & Happiness
Freedom and happiness really influence my views on life and what I choose to let go of in order to have the freedom and the happiness. This whole thread this week actually started with someone in my yoga class complaining about dirty hand prints on the mirrors...and off my mind went to energy discrepancies, to rules that can't be followed, to how powerful negotiation is and we can't have negotiation if we stay stuck in a world of black and white, constructed somewhere in the past...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; freedom; happiness; hawaii; rox; roxannedarling; walk
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #574 - Claim It!
I noticed a couple things last night when I was editing the episode: I forgot the Hawaiian word (tho I added it to the post notes) and I used the word "you" a lot when I think I really meant "I" (as my friend Shaina recognized and commented on). That's one of my language pet peeves, so today is follow through on both of those. Iconoclasts on the Sundance ChannelBuy the Series 2 on iTunesHawaiian Word: Like ʻole: threeJoin us at The ReefAdd this to your Technorati Favorites Support us by buying ...
Keywords: food&leisure; language; different; hawaii; beach; walk; lexi; beachwalks; roxannedarling
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #533 - Just Breathe
Seems simple right? It is, just not always easy, especially as we approach the "season of annoyance" as one of my friends calls it, otherwise known as the "holidays." Breathing is actually one of the most powerful tools I have found for managing stress - it can be done anywhere and the research on its physiological and psychological benefits is quite amazing IMO.Download a two page PDF with more detailsThe Relaxation Response by Dr...
Keywords: food&leisure; breathe; stress relief; health; beach; beachwalks; walk; roxannedarling
Downloads: 5
[movies]Beach Walk #566 - 2008 Resolutions - Oops!
It would appear that all sorts of seemingly small yet irritating obstacles are being placed in my path as I try to redirect certain areas of my life, riding on the coattails of the new year energy. Then it dawned on me, what if the so-called obstacles are actually there to help? That's my story, and I'm sticking with it. It reminds of one of a favorite quote told to me by my friend Shaina Noll - "We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it is God who is shakin...
Keywords: food&leisure; resolution; 2008; hawaii; beach; walk; beachwalks; video; podcast
Downloads: 26
[movies]Beach Walk 728 - Winter Lumiere
Lumiere is a film tradition involving a fixed camera, no editing whatsoever, and typically even no sound. I left the sound in though as I love hearing the waves. Scroll down to the bottom of any page to see a list of all the categories. I love this style especially at the beach - somehow the magic of a minute can capture the serenity, the solitude, the vastness of the ocean, the playfulness of children - all without any words or planning at all.
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; hawaii; lumiere; ocean; silver; walk; waves
Downloads: 17
[movies]Beach Walk 728 – Winter Lumiere
Lumiere is a film tradition involving a fixed camera, no editing whatsoever, and typically even no sound. I left the sound in though as I love hearing the waves. Scroll down to the bottom of any page to see a list of all the categories. I love this style especially at the beach - somehow the magic of a minute can capture the serenity, the solitude, the vastness of the ocean, the playfulness of children - all without any words or planning at all...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; hawaii; lumiere; ocean; silver; walk; waves
Downloads: 5
[movies]How to Walk with a Cane Correctly - Ask Doctor Jo
http://www.AskDoctorJo.com Doctor Jo shows you the correct way to walk with a cane if you have an injury. For more physical therapy videos or to Ask Doctor Jo a question, visit http://www.AskDoctorJo.com More Details About This Video: Using a cane when you have an injury can be very confusing especially when characters on TV shows don't even use them right! Once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy and natural...
Keywords: health&wellness; walking with a cane; how to walk with a cane; how to use a cane; walking with a cain; cane walking; how to walk with cane; walking cane; walking with a cane properly; walk with a cane; walk with cane; cane walk; cane walking technique; using a cane; walking canes
Downloads: 6
[movies]Beach Walk #424 - Opportunity to Focus
Aloha Friday! I've actually been on the mainland this week attending a funeral. Rather than stress about how to film while on the road dealing with a death in the family, Secret Cameraman and I took the opportunity to shoot an entire week worth of shows this past Monday morning. This is quite a departure for us in that we generally shoot the show the same day we post it. Being so busy provided us with an opportunity to rethink how we could adjust our schedule, change our habits, and actually red...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; hawaii; roxanne; lexi; focus; opportunity; kaimoku; walk; dog
Downloads: 4
[movies]Beach Walk 695 - Paying for the Sins of Each Other
I got a bit distracted today but I was wanting to make a point about how we are interconnected - and that is from the "good news bad news" department. Some things others do we are stuck cleaning up. It's not right but is, is. I find the faster I can process my anger, the faster I can get to "OK now what can be done about it?" Living on an island there are all kinds of examples of where we overlap with each other and are subject to side effects of each other...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; genius; hawaii; meltdown; rox; roxanne; darling; walk; finance
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #316 - CEO Pay Part 2
Several months after I first talked about this, it is becoming a well-discussed idea in the media. I take this optimistically!There was a good piece in The Week Magazine about how investors can fight back regarding overpaid CEO's. Mind you, there are a lot of obstacles to be surounted, the fact that we are even having this discussion is a step forward I think. I first talked about CEO pay on Math with RoxBeach Walks Optimism Episode I hope you'll submit something for it...
Keywords: food&leisure; ceo; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 662 - Lead and Contribute
Lots of self-help books talk about leadership, but rarely do they talk about followers, or co-creators. There's honor and value in all of those roles - regardless of the big push to be all you can be, and be more, and get ahead, and take charge, etc. I think you get my drift. Just putting out a little Beach Walks philosophy, looking at the other side of the coin.Hawaiian word: Alakaʻi: leader Hāʻawi: contribute
Keywords: food&leisure; leader; follower; contributor; beach; walk; beachwalks; hawaii; rox; roxannedarling
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #407 - Exploration
I am going to Bali to experience a different type of energy - energy from the other side of the world.I am not trying to escape my challenges, rather I am intentionally taking them wth me to experience them in a different environment, with a different perspective.We also have a beautiful new theme song, written just for us by Kaimoku! You can find more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.Subscribe in iTunes! Please leave a comment for us while you're there! Call the Conch line via skype:r...
Keywords: food&leisure; explore; lexi; vlog; video; stressless; podcast; walk; roxanne darling; kaimoku; travel; stress
Downloads: 5
[movies]Beach Walk 714 - Life is Not So Linear
It seems we are taking on more and more complexity and using tools like mind-mapping that allow us to show relationships that are nuanced than a straight line. It's true even with business models, where there are ways to "get paid" by "paying it forward" or helping someone who then helps someone else who then buys from you. Not so easy to be sure, but our brains appear able to handle it! Distributed by Tubemogul.
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; brain; circular; complexity; hawaii; mindmap; roxannedarling; walk
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk #301 - Room for Everyone
Philip called in to talk about old media honing in on the space created by new media. I try to gather a few thoughts while chasing after two dogs and seeing friends with puppies!First! Mahalo nui loa for all of the comments, private emails, and calls regarding our 300th show! You all are the best!! And I will be responding over the weekend.As for old media and new media. Yes, they are moving into the videoblog/podcast space with vigor...
Keywords: food&leisure; amandacongdon; newmedia; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 367R - First is Good
We are taking a week off of Beach Walks - today's replay talks about putting yourself first. Let me know if you have a favorite episode you want featured!You can read the original show notes here.A few little surprises when we come back. Meanwhile, want to Skype? Let's try Saturday, 3 March noon HST. Check your time zone here then let me know if you are interested!Subscribe in iTunes so you won't miss a single episode! Try it - it's easy...
Keywords: food&leisure; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; stressless; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beach Walk #421 - Be Right or Get Results
Follow on from yesterday, and I attempt to distinguish between private feelings and outer actions.They really have different purposes and therefore different opportunities for how we choose to express ourselves. The #2 will maintain all of those "you musts!" but the #1 can see through the heat and look at what is more effective. See episode #102 for more about the #1 and the #2.Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song! Here's more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.Subscribe in iTunes! Please...
Keywords: food&leisure; language; communication; vlog; video; stressless; lexi; podcast; walk; roxannedarling; roxanne darling; kaimoku; travel; stress
[movies]Beach Walk 647 - Transparency and Privacy
Transparency in communication and relationships and business and politics is one of those things that is marching forward very quickly in the 21st century. Most people I know are big fans of it in general. I am too, yet I still realize that privacy has its place. And that in general I want other people to be more transparent while I reserve a desire to want to be private. (Witness the deliberations regarding MI and FL Democratic delegates this past weekend.) That sense of double-standard I find ...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; walk; beachwalks; politics; transparency; privacy; double-standard; hawaii; democrat; rox; roxannedarling
[movies]AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 714
Today we are showing off two hot new games that couldn't be further apart. The first is Sporos a lab based puzzle game, the second is Year Walk, a super creepy adventure. Check out both in action on today's AppAdvice Daily.
Keywords: games; year walk; sporos; new games; best games of the week
[movies]Beach Walk 676 - What's the Opportunity?
We had a last minute change of plans recently. At first I found it very disorienting. Then Shane helped me by asking, "What's the opportunity here?" And that single question opened up a whole new way of looking at things. We don't always know best ahead of time; sometimes "even better" shows up unannounced.Hawaiian Word:Manawa kūpono: opportunity
Keywords: food&leisure; opportunity; crisis; perspective; detached; change; beachwalks; beach; walk; rox; roxanne_darling; hawaii
[movies]Beach Walk #403 - Promises and Pressure
Promises are a feel good solution in the moment. But they can sure create pressure and disappointment on the way to being unfulfilled.Of course, they can also ramp up the energy and help motivate me towards a short term goal. Nonetheless, since I am looking for ways to be happy and experience less pressure, I tend to avoid promises as much as possible! My urge to please and my pleasure in sharing often tempt me to make promises about htis or that, but I've learned to keep my mouth shut when it c...
Keywords: food&leisure; promise; lexi; vlog; video; stressless; podcast; walk; roxanne darling; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #311 - Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
Rox is on retreat. Happy New Year to you!We always appreciate your voteat Podcast Alley! (Mahalo.)Subscribe in iTunes so you won't miss a single episode! Try it - it's easy. Please leave a comment for us while you're there! Call the Conch line via skype:roxannedarling or 1-949-544-1456. Our wonderful theme music is from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.Hawaiian words Hau'oli: happyTags: hawaii, dog, vlog, video, podcast, walk, beach, roxanne darling, lexi, kaimoku, travel
Keywords: food&leisure; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 685 - In Support of Changemakers
One of the profound yet not often acknowledged (by me) benefits of living in community with other people is that some choose to be the ones who go forward into the unknown, and those adventures ultimately inform and inspire the rest of us. I often think of myself as one of those explorers. Sometimes though, I feel pressure to have to always be on the front line. Today's episode honors those others who have shown me the way, especially my parents, Blanche and Bill.Hawaiian Word: Loli: change, tra...
Keywords: food&leisure; change; leaders; early_adopters; parents; pressure; inspiration; beach; walk; beachwalks; rox; roxanne_darling; hawaii
[movies]Beach Walk #583 - Flexible Formulas
've had this durn cold for two weeks now and it's having a hard time going away. Mind you, I have not been helping it! Working late, adding more to my work load for some time-sensitive projects, keeping up with the day job instead of taking a day or two off to rest or even taking a nap now and then! But part of the fun of being a grown up is I get to reject my own advice now and then and push hard for things I really want to accomplish.Hawaiian Word: Holuholu: flexibleJoin us at The Reef
Keywords: food&leisure; beachwalks; cold; hawaii; health; madgringo; roxannedarling; sleep; walk; work
[movies]Beach Walk 670 - Say No to Victim Energy
I ran into my friend Sally Spencer (Beach Walk 528 ) and we got to talking about the broken hearts show (Beach Walk 668) and how compelling "victim energy" can be. And also how it can weaken a person, both body and spirit. It takes a special understanding to be compassionate and encouraging at the same time, rather than slipping into pity. Pity does not empower, in my book. Hawaiian word: Hoʻomana: empower
Keywords: food&leisure; victim; perpetrator; pity; empower; heartbreak; beach; walk; beachwalks; hawaii; rox; roxanne darling
[movies]Beach Walk 637 - How to Complain
Complaining is very popular these days. Surprisingly, I am not altogether against it. It has a role to play in giving each other feedback on what's not working. I think we are more effective though when we apply a little consciousness to the task, instead of unfettered reactions. There are some funny commercials on DirecTV, though the one I just saw complaining about the customers doesn't appear to be posted just yet...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; business; complain; customers; directv; messy; rox; roxannedarling; sunrise hawaii; video; walk
[movies]Beach Walk #325 - Voices of Optimism
Originally inspired by The 2007 Edge Question, this episode features the voices of our viewers answering the question, "What are you optimistic about?"With mahalos to Joe I learned about Edge - "to arrive at the edge of the world's knowledge." Every year they pose a question, and dozens of well-known thinkers respond with their perspectives. I thought this was a good idea for us in the Beach Walks community...
Keywords: food&leisure; optimism; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
[movies]AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 647
It's the beginning of the week so we're rounding up the must have new apps on the App Store. We start the show off with an app that will help us track our moods, Moodoscope. Then we get a little cosmic with Solar Walk: Saturn. Finally we wrap things up with our official AppAdvice App of the Week: Instant: The Polaroid Instant Photos for iPad.
Keywords: instant; polaroid; ipad camera; moodoscope; steve jobs quotes; solar walk saturn
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #307 - Fear or Fun? It's Personal
A little more on the fear thing and how incredibly personal and subjective it is; it's not the absolute something we would imagine.Say what?? Just that what is scary to one person is a total laugh to another. It is not the thing or the experience that makes it scary, but rather one's very own private experience of it.There are a lot of things you and I can do when fear strikes though. First (which I didn't mention in the show) is decide if there is bona-fide danger present, or is it the feeling ...
Keywords: food&leisure; fear; boating; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
[movies]Beach Walk 699 - Add Options
Bottom line: when you have more options there can be less stress. The flip side is that it takes more time, more consciousness, more energy to discover and create the options And having way too many options can create its own form of stress at the other end of the spectrum. But for now, for today, this episode is about how a parent can give a child a few choices enabling then to be true to their inner quirky self without having to be an ungracious rebel...
Keywords: food&leisure; beachwalks; choice; creativity; hawaii; kaile; options; parenting; personality; stress; walk
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #413 - Gomega by the Pool
Several weeks ago our good friend Kanoa Kukaua and his band Gomega from Maui visited us on Oahu. I learned so much about these musicians and am in awe at all of the talent they bring to this Hawaiian band. Please check out their MySpace pages:myspace.com/gomegamyspace.com/khrinjmyspace.com/entityawakenedmyspace.com/whiterosepunkwww.dropkickmurphys.comFor bookings, call Ipo at 808-281-8193.Mahalo nui Kaimoku for our new song! Here's more music from Kaimoku: The Ukulele Experiment.Subscribe in iTu...
Keywords: food&leisure; music; gomega; kanoakukaua; vlog; video; stressless; podcast; walk; roxanne darling; kaimoku; travel; stress
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 660 - Customer Service Give & Get
Founder of Alltop.com Guy Kawasaki was in town and we had a wonderful impromptu meetup, organized by friends Neenz Faleafine and Ryan Ozawa. One of the striking things is how committed Guy is to delivering consistently high quality blog posts to his thousands of readers. Yet he shared with us some challenges he is facing, wanting genuine feedback from his readers. On the other hand, we had some not so good service on a recent trip...
Keywords: food&leisure; customer; service; guy kawasaki; united; beach; beachwalks; rox; roxannedarling; hawaii; walk
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk 661 - Podcamp Hawaii 2008
I am so excited - we can finally announce our very first Podcamp here in Hawaii, coming October 24-25, 2008. Shane and I have been wanting to do this for 3 years. Plus! We are going to have a WordCamp component too - it's the best of all worlds!Podcamp = unconference to learn about podcasting and new media and network with other indivudals and businesses who are using this tool to communicate. Wordcamp = unconference to learn about the amazing free blogging (and podcast platform) software, WordP...
Keywords: food&leisure; podcamp; wordcamp; podcamphawaiii2008; matt mullenweg; hawaii; unconference; beach; walk; beachwalks; wordpress; rox; roxannedarling
Downloads: 2
[movies]Beach Walk #399 OTR - Looking for Trouble II
Looking for trouble is a great opportunity to actually look at the energy or intention, rather than the superficial actions, to get at the truth of the matter.It's human nature to be able to spot things other people do, before seeing those same traits in ourselves. What we perceive to be negativity or nosiness might actually be intended as helpfulness. Letting the #2 claim helpfulness when there are other agendas can be a real discrepancy, one that may trigger a negative reaction.Being clear on ...
Keywords: food&leisure; florida; vlog; video; stressless; podcast; walk; roxanne darling; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk #319 - Upside of Information Overload
I used to be very stressed by information overload. Now I find it liberating.When we first started podcasting over two years ago, we also started giving public talks on how to do and why to do it. Invariably, people would ask: if everyone is creating their own media when am I going to find time to listen to it all? And we all had visions of the world exploding from too much stuff!Now, I realize that this can be liberating...
Keywords: food&leisure; information; hawaii; dog; vlog; video; podcast; walk; beach; roxanne darling; lexi; kaimoku; travel
Downloads: 10
[movies]Today I Took My Houseplant for a Walk!
In honor of "Take Your Houseplant for a Walk" Day, I did just that. In this video learn why it's good to take your plant for a walk once in a while. :)please comment here
Keywords: talk&interview; plant; walk; sun; holiday; mos; man on the street; venice; boardwalk
Downloads: 1
[movies]Beach Walk 630 - It Takes One
Relationships can be so illuminating and so misleading. I often find myself wishing the others would just change, instead of focusing on myself, which is the only change that really matters, the only change where I have any power or influence. Focusing the light on each of us by each of us a great way to start the week I think. It's a beautiful day and we are joined by my little friend Kaile, who is just learning to explore the power she has as one little person, in a relationship.Sidebar: We ch...
Keywords: food&leisure; beach; beachwalks; change; frustration; hawaii; kaile; relationships; roxanne darling; walk
[movies]Beach Walk #401 - Taking a week off
We're taking a week off Beach Walks and will be back soon!Please enjoy some of our past episodes or check out the programs being developed for videobloggingweek2007You can also track the action at mefeedia.It's (past??) time for a little break. I have very mixed feelings bout it but am definitely looking forward to the rest. See you in a few days!Subscribe in iTunes so you won't miss a single episode! Try it - it's easy...
Keywords: food&leisure; videobloggingweek2007; florida; vlog; video; stressless; podcast; walk; roxanne darling; kaimoku; travel
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